ShelveIt! 3.45  Windows 7 compatible

ShelveIt! is a computerized tutorial designed to teach basic knowledge and skills of shelving books. It covers Library of Congress, Dewey Decimal, National Library of Medicine, or Superintendent of Documents (GPO) classification. You can select which classification scheme to learn. ShelveIt! provides practice sorting virtual books on a virtual shelf. It is an ideal tool for training library assistants, library volunteers, and library science students.

New in ShelveIt! version 3.45:

  • ● Print the test certificate
  • ● Correction of minor bugs
  • ● New installation


New in ShelveIt! version 3.0:

  • ● The self-paced tutorials on all classification systems are significantly expanded. More explanations and examples of each classification are added.
  • ● Each set of virtual books on a virtual shelf is randomly generated from an extremely large pool of call numbers. It will never run out of new sets of virtual books. Therefore, ShelveIt! always remains engaging and challenging for all users of all levels of expertise.
  • ● Two options are provided for the Dewey Decimal Classification virtual shelf and shelving coach: working with alphanumeric or alpha-only Cutter numbers.
  • ● Two levels of shelving difficulty are provided: basic level and advanced level. You can change the level of difficulty at any time. After correctly sorting five sets in a row at the basic level, ShelveIt! will prompt to increase the level to advanced.
  • ● ShelveIt! offers a shelving coach that makes learning easier and more fun.
  • ● A hint button is added when the Check me button returns the message that the books are not yet in correct order. The hint button will help you sort the virtual books correctly.
  • ● To make navigation easier, a main menu, the previous screen and next screen buttons are added.

(version 3.45) runs on Windows 7 and Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista. ShelveIt! runs on Macs if your Mac can run windows program.

The price of ShelveIt! is only $129 per copy. Site license for unlimited installation is only $395. Shipping is Free.

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