InfoWorks Technology has the expertise to successfully deliver custom solutions to address your specific business demands in a timely manner. We offer a results-based approach to solving problems and maintain a strong commitment to quality throughout every stage of the development process.

  • Custom Label & Tag Printing Solution Development

InfoWorks Technology is a full service provider for product label & tag format design and printing solutions. We consult with you about your particular environment and labeling application. Based on your specific needs, we provide a custom turnkey solution, including the label & tag design and printing software, label stock, printer and accessories, and training. For more information on InfoWorks’ Custom Label & Tag Printing Solution Development Services, click here.

  • Custom Library Application Development

InfoWorks Technology has worked closely with libraries, library automation system vendors, and library support organizations in developing innovative solutions. Our label printing solutions and our library application tools are used by hundreds of libraries. Some of the library tool applications have been integrated into popular large integrated library automation systems. InfoWorks Technology can provide custom application development based on the specifications from libraries and library vendors. To learn more about our areas of expertise in the Library environment, see InfoWorks Technology’ Librarian's Toolbox products.

  • Custom Anti-Spyware / PC Security Solution Development

InfoWorks Technology is a leader in the field of anti-spyware and PC security. We have developed an extensive suite of PC Security / Internet Privacy products. From this expertise, we have also developed a number of customized security solutions to address the unique security requirements of a specific environment, including solutions for OEM clients and for enterprise clients. To inquire how InfoWorks Technology can work with you and provide a solution to address your particular needs, please contact us.

  • InfoWorks Technology Company successfully developed and implemented a new label format design and printing system for the Universal Propulsion Company, a division of Goodrich Corporation. This system is used to design, format, and print various types of product labels and tags, including metal labels and paper labels. It works with laser printers, dot-matrix printers, and other specialized printers. InfoWorks Technology Company also converted the old label database into the new system. This new label format design and printing system has greatly improved workflow and productivity. Mr. John Cox, Goodrich Corporation, praised InfoWorks Technology Company. "Your effort and professionalism allowed us to complete the project on time, on budget, and on schedule".

    Goodrich Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is a leading global supplier of systems and services to the aerospace and defense industry.
  • Gaylord Information Systems licenses a customized version of InfoWorks Technology Company’s Label Maker that has been integrated into Gaylord’s Polaris Integrated Library Automation Systems. After initial consultation with Gaylord’s development team, InfoWorks Technology customized the Label Maker product based on Gaylord’s application specifications, and worked with their development team to implement the label generating and printing solution within their Polaris Systems. With this integrated labeling system, hundred’s of Polaris customers can now easily choose their preferred label format and print labels on laser or dot-matrix printers. This capability greatly improves the label printing efficiency of Gaylord’s Polaris customers.

    GIS has served libraries with innovative technology for over thirty years; today GIS’ Polaris facilitates all aspects of library operations by providing innovative workflow solutions packaged in a familiar Windows interface.
  • InfoWorks Technology Company developed a custom label printing solution for Henrico County Public Library. This custom solution includes customized Label Maker software to work specifically with the library’s Sirsi integrated library system and the customized label stock. Based on the Library's specifications, InfoWorks Technology Company customized the popular Label Maker software and designed the new label format. This solution greatly improved the process of generating and printing labels for the library.
  • OCLC is a nonprofit organization that provides computer-based cataloging, reference, resource sharing, eContent and preservation services to 52,000 member libraries in 95 countries and territories. OCLC online systems. OCLC purchased the entire product line of InfoWorks Spelling Checker for CatME. In addition, InfoWorks Technology Company customized this Spelling Checker application to meet OCLC’s
    specifications.OCLC now provides the online spell checker functionality to all member libraries. Utilizing the spelling checker functionality obtained from InfoWorks Technology Company, OCLC simplifies this difficult task and greatly improves the quality of their online bibliographic database, the largest online bibliographic database in the world.