Library Solutions

Label Maker
The best label generating and printing solution for libraries.
A computerized tutorial designed to teach basic knowledge and skills of shelving books. Covers LC, DDC, NLM, and GPO.

CIPA Compliant. A different content filter.

Link Checker
Check URL links in your bibliographic databases. Works with MARC records.

Spelling Checker for Database Maintenance
Find and correct spelling errors in your bibliographic database.

Internet Library for Librarians
The most popular Internet Information site for librarians since 1994.

Easy Photo Movie Maker
Turn your digital photos into wonderful slideshows, DVD movies, digital albums, and digital collage. Play them on your TV, computers, even on Internet.

Speedy Video Converter Pro
Convert video of all popular formats such as AVI, FLV, MPEG, WMV, MP4, SWF, RMVB,and many more. Convert video for various devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, and many more.

Family Cyber Alert
CNET Editor’s 5 Star Rating
An All-In-One PC/Internet Activity Surveillance and Monitor. Monitor your children's online activity and protect them from online predators. Receive automatic alerts to potentially unsafe activity. A watchful eye for the whole family.

History Sweeper
CNET Editor’s 4.5 Star Rating
Windows Cleaner software: clean up your computer with one click. Erase your Internet activity tracks and digital fingerprints. Protect your privacy and improve your system performance.


Fix Windows registry problems to improve your system performance and reliability.

Office Cyber Alert

Specially designed for business use. Real-time vigilance for your business and your employees. Increase productivity, protect company-sensitive information, reduce the chances of facing legal liability, and comply with government regulations.

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