Office Cyber Alert
Office Cyber Alert

Version 5.05  Windows 10 compatible

An All-In-One PC/Internet Activity Surveillance and Monitor. Automatically Record, Archive and Review Your Employees’ PC and Internet Activity.


Today more than ever employers need to be concerned about what their employees are doing on their computers. What seems to be harmless personal use of your company’s computers can lead to time consuming and costly legal and security nightmares. The statistics speak for themselves. Don’t let your company become one of them. You need to keep a closer eye on what your staff is doing in Cyberspace.

Office Cyber Alert will help you increase productivity; protect company-sensitive information; discourage employee-to-employee misconduct; and comply with Government regulations. Read more...

Who needs Office Cyber Alert?
Any businesses, including doctors’ offices; brokers; dentists’ offices; accounting firms; home-based businesses; retail stores; non-profits; schools; churches; and banks.

Office Cyber Alert automatically records, archives and reviews your employees’ PC and Internet activity, with centralized monitoring:
Email Recording
Chat/Instant Messenger Recording
Website Recording
Application Recording
File Access Recording
Keystroke Recording
Screen Snapshot Recording
Time & Sequence Recording
                    - Plus -
Monitor from Your Computer
Centralized Administration and Monitoring
Automatic Email Alert
Email/Chat/IM Blocking
Website Blocking and Danger Alert Game/Application Danger Alert and Blocking
Automatic Keyword Detection and Danger Alert
Intelligent Reporting
                    - Plus -
All the Functions Work Simultaneously, Saving the Data to a Hidden Location.
Works with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP/Vista

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Breaking News

Recent Supreme Court ruling supports employers’ right to monitor their employees’ electronic activities and communications while using company provided devices. In today’s digital world of constant connectivity, employers face new security, liability and productivity challenges with their employees; this recent ruling recognizes the employers’ need to be able to protect their interests through reasonable use of employee monitoring.

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  Important Facts

  • Over 78% of all users accessed the Internet while at work for personal use and entertainment.
  • 30% to 40% of employee Internet use is non-work-related.
  • Employees admit to wasting over 2 hours out of an eight-hour work day (excluding lunch and breaks) everyday.
  • 72% of all personal use represented employee productivity draining Web sites, including those for shopping, entertainment, personal e-mail, sports, chat rooms, job searches and game playing.
  • 19.42% of all personal use represented Wed sites that posed a security threat to the network, including spyware, file sharing and malicious code.
  • 8.23% of all personal use represented Web sites that posed legal liability risks, including pornography, hacking, gambling and hate speech.
  • Nearly 84% of employees indicated that they regularly send non-work-related e-mails each day, with 32% sending between 5 and 10 such messages.
  • Almost 57 percent of employees felt that personal Internet and e-mail use decreased their productivity.
  • More than 44 percent of American workers consider Web surfing to be the top workplace distraction.
  • 92% of online stock trading occurs from the workplace during work hours.
  • 46% of online holiday shopping takes place at work.
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