Version 5.05  Windows 8 compatible

 An All-In-One PC/Internet Activity Surveillance and Monitor. Automatically Record, Archive and Review Your Employees’ PC and Internet Activity.

Why you need Office Cyber Alert?

Today more than ever employers need to be concerned about what their employees are doing on their computers. What seems to be harmless personal use of your company’s computers can lead to time consuming and costly legal and security nightmares. The statistics speak for themselves. Don’t let your company become one of them. You need to keep a closer eye on what your staff is doing in Cyberspace.


  • Did you know that over 90% of all employees spend time accessing the Internet for personal use during the work day? Estimates show that the average employee admittedly spends over an hour a day online for things like personal e-mailing, shopping, banking, talking in chat rooms, and reading news and sports items, among other things. At $20 an hour for 250 hours per year, online surfing costs a company approximately $5,000 a year per employee in total compensation. That’s a $25,000 loss each year for a five-employee company...a $100,000 loss a year for a 20-employee company! And likely more is lost in productivity. Now, with Office Cyber Alert, you can reduce the number of unproductive hours at your company by monitoring all employee Internet activity on all PC screens – at the same time and in real-time.

  • Legal Liability

    • Do you want to reduce the chances of facing legal liability for employee harassment, character defamation, and discrimination? These infractions are serious – be armed to monitor your employees with Office Cyber Alert! This powerful monitoring software not only deters employees from inappropriately using the Internet, it arms you with recorded proof of misconduct so that wrongdoing claims can be proactively addressed and used as evidence to protect your company in court.

    Information Protection

      • Worried about your company’s confidential information? How about the leak of company-sensitive data and customer information to competitors and to the general public? Through online monitoring and recording, Office Cyber Alert immediately reveals any breach by an employee and provides concrete evidence of the security of any unlawful distribution of information. Remember, an employee’s use of a company’s e-mail system and Internet access for personal use is generally not protected under the law. Heed the employer’s responsibility for legal liability of these risks by being prepared with Office Cyber Alert!

      Regulation Compliance

        • Today, companies must deal with the many regulatory requirements to control the unauthorized dissemination and destruction of confidential information made so easy by use of the Internet. Office Cyber Alert arms you with the information you need to comply with such regulations as: the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to control corporate accounting responsibility; the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) to protect patient information; and the National Association of Security Dealers (NASD) to preserve electronic correspondence with clients, to name just a few.