Sewickley, PA - 12/10/09 - InfoWorks Technology, a leading innovator of online security and PC protection solutions, announces that an agreement has been reached with Firewall Servers for Firewall Servers to acquire InfoWorks’ CyberSetting business. CyberSetting customers have been notified and will continue to receive excellent customer service.

"InfoWorks Technology Company and Firewall Servers have been business partners for several years” states Jesse Song, president of InfoWorks Technology. “Their only business focus is the development and support of web content filtering products for use by businesses, schools, churches and government. I am very confident that our CyberSetting customers will benefit greatly from their expertise and this acquisition.”

Firewall Services is excited for this opportunity to expand our strong existing customer base.” state Rex Zerger, president of Firewall Servers. “We are committed to providing the same excellent service to our new CyberSetting customers as with our existing customers.”

About CyberSetting

CyberSetting, an Internet filter product developed specifically for libraries, is a standalone, plug & play filter appliance solution. CyberSetting’s filtering technology has been tuned to be consistent with the filtering guidelines laid out by CIPA and similar state regulations. It is customizable to best suit the local needs and filtering preferences of the library. The system is very easily installed and administered, with disabling capabilities designed to be very un-intrusive to the patrons and staff.

About Firewall Servers

Firewall Servers is a leading supplier of dedicated Internet filtering appliances. Firewall Servers develops Internet URL web content filtering products for use by business, schools, libraries, churches and government. The company’s primary focus is preventing access to pornography and other inappropriate, unwanted objectionable and time wasting Internet content. The iSentryTM family of Internet URL content filtering products offers the best prices in the industry for a full featured content filter, ready to run n a school, library, or small office environment. More information on Firewall Servers can be found at

About InfoWorks Technology

InfoWorks Technology Company is a leading innovator of online security & privacy protection solutions for consumers and businesses. InfoWorks has thousands of Internet security customers, has been lauded for their products by technology media, has enterprise license agreements with Fortune 500 companies and its products are recommended by tier one PC vendors’ technical support to their customer base.

InfoWorks Technology is based in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. More information on InfoWorks Technology and its industry-leading products can be found at

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