InfoWorks Technology is providing anti-spyware solution to Maryland state agency to strengthen their PC security and protect against spyware

Sewickley, PA - 11/18/04
- InfoWorks Technology, “We are finding that government agencies are taking proactive measures to protect against spyware and thereby strengthen their PC security. While spyware has become a very serious information systems security concern for all organizations and individuals, governmental agencies have their own unique security responsibilities,” states Jesse Song of InfoWorks Technology. “Therefore they are especially aware of and attentive to the latest computing security threats, and they are prepared to take the necessary protective measures.”

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) just published an Online Safety Study that confirms the severe proliferation of spyware incidents and raises serious concerns regarding those who have not yet implemented anti-spyware software. Employee productivity is impacted by PC performance degradation. The security of private information is at risk. This is true for PCs in all environments, including home, corporate, health, and government systems. There are safety measures that can be taken, and SpyRemover Pro is such a tool that is very effective, and is easy to implement and use.

About SpyRemover Pro

SpyRemover Pro detects and removes more than 20,000 intrusive devices such as spyware, adware, hijackers, keyloggers, Trojans, tracking devices, hacker tools and other spy devices on PCs. Spy Remover is powerful and easy to use, and its newly designed detection and removal engine improves on the thoroughness, accuracy, speed, and efficiency of detecting and removing spyware.

The concerns and need for support relative to spyware are advancing rapidly. Spyware programs run discreetly in the background without the PC users knowledge. They use up system resources and network bandwidth and potentially open up an unauthorized communications channel for external access to sensitive information. InfoWorks Technology Company has been providing award winning SpyRemover Pro, SpyStopper, History Sweeper and Popup Free software to both businesses and home PC users for a number of years. These products prevent and remove spyware, thereby protecting the integrity and general performance of PC users. .

About InfoWorks Technology

InfoWorks Technology Company is a leading innovator of online security & privacy protection solutions for consumers and businesses. InfoWorks has thousands of Internet security customers, has been lauded for their products by technology media, has enterprise license agreements with Fortune 500 companies and its products are recommended by tier one PC vendors’ technical support to their customer base.

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