InfoWorks Technology Company Partners with TrialPay, the Leader in Alternative Online Payments, Giving Customers Better Pricing Options When Purchasing Its Popular Software

Sewickley, PA - 10/10/08 - InfoWorks Technology, is pleased to announce its partnering with TrialPay, one of the fastest-growing and award-winning companies offering consumers alternative payment options when making online purchases. This partnership gives InfoWorks Technology customers the opportunity to get its popular software for free.

In an economy that threatens to affect everyone’s spending habits, online shoppers are no exception. In fact, one national survey revealed that over 50 percent of online shoppers actively seek out alternative payment methods when shopping online. This is good news for companies offering partnering incentives to increase shoppers’ willingness to buy their products and services. InfoWorks Technology turned to TrialPay to provide shoppers hundreds of ways to pay for their preferred software, including many ways that get them that software absolutely free.

TrialPay is a new and innovative marketing method that makes available a host of businesses advertising free or discounted goods and services. Companies, such as InfoWorks, give away their products for free when a shopper completes an offer from one of TrialPay’s client advertisers.

Customers who take advantage of an offer from one of these businesses, in turn, enjoy the benefit of getting InfoWorks’ software for free – a veritable ”two-for-one” approach in purchasing power.

“TrialPay helps us meet our market needs – reaching new customers and making it easier for them to give our software a try. It’s really a win-win situation for everyone,” says Jesse Song, President of InfoWorks Technology.

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