Sewickley, PA - 10/10/06
- InfoWorks Technology, a leading innovator of online security and privacy protection solutions for home and enterprise customers, is pleased to announce that its Family Cyber Alert, a PC/Internet activity monitoring solution, is now available at and InfoWorks Technology has been distributing Family Cyber Alert through major US software retailers, including CompUSA, Staples, Office Depot, Micro Center, Fry’s, and J&R Music and Computer World. The addition of and will greatly expand the availability of Family Cyber Alert to customers worldwide.

Lately, sexual predation through email and instant messaging has been very prominent in the news. Cyber Alert is a solution that allows parents closer monitoring of their children’s Internet activity.

“Internet access is an integral part of kids and teens’ lives these days, so forbidding its use or eliminating connectivity is no longer an option,” said Jesse Song, President of InfoWorks Technology. “Not only is it a key means of day-to-day ‘kid-to-kid’ communication, it’s integral to their educations. Teachers assign research suggesting Web resources. Homework assignments and grading progress are posted on Web sites. But we, as parents, need to ensure their safety when they are on-line.”

With Family Cyber Alert, parents can monitor their children’s PC/Internet activity, and block certain activities or types of communication to help ensure that their children are being protected. With Family Cyber Alert, you can:

  • ● Record Email/Chat/IM
  • ● Record Websites visited Such as
  • ● Record Applications Used
  • ● Record Files Accessed
  • ● Record Keystrokes
  • ● Take Screen Snapshots
  • ● Block Email/Chat/IM
  • ● Block Websites
  • ● Block Games and Applications
  • ● Choose Automatic Keyword Detection
  • ● Activate a Danger Alert

All of the functions of the software work automatically once they are set, and data is saved to a hidden location for parents’ access.

 “In today’s world, the people you would least suspect can lure or harass children through Internet passageways, so parents must be aware of their children’s activity,” said Howard Luxenberg, President of Enteractive Distribution. “Family Cyber Alert allows parents to monitor what their children are doing online without necessitating the removal of Internet access that’s critical to their educations, and without physical parental presence at all times.”

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