Family Cyber Alert Empowers Parents

By "Make Orlando Safer Today"

Just imagine that you are home with your spouse. It’s early afternoon on a sunny day. Your doors and windows are locked and your very alert dog rests at your feet. Most people would feel justified in feeling safe right now. However, while you read or watch some T.V. , your child is across the living room on the family computer. That same computer can be the Trojan Horse that lets a sexual predator into your home.

Kids use cyberspace for games, social networking, and even homework. Anywhere there is a mass population of children there is a higher risk for sexual predators. A predator can be almost like a drug addict in that they will do anything, take any risk, to try to get what they want. The thing about computers is that the predator can lower their risks by reaching out to kids remotely. The days of predators just hanging out at the mall or midway are over. Parenting is as much about control as it is love and whether you like it or not, you must adapt and take control of your child’s on-line activities.

There are many great products on the market to help you. The one we at M.O.S.T. are fond of is called Family Cyber Alert , which is produced by InfoWorks Technology ( ). F.C.A. is easy to load and even easier to use. The suite uses a three pronged anti-predator attack of record, alert and block. The record functions work behind the scenes to capture every e-mail, chat, and web destination of your child. Add to that keystroke logging and a feature that captures the time and sequence of site access and you have a true who, what, when and where easy to read snapshot of what your child is up to.

The alert options can be set to scan for certain keywords predators may use, as well as website, gaming and application warnings. Email alerts are also available. This is exactly the sort of early warning system parents need so they can take proactive “Shields up” measures. That’s where the blocking features come in. You can block the websites, email addresses, chat forums, gaming areas and web applications of your choice and F.C.A. can helps you decide what seems suspicious and what could possibly be a threat to your kid’s safety. Gaming is especially interactive lately. Games can be played by multiple players from across the country simultaneously when new players join a session is progress. During the games, players often text each other to communicate. The majority is your typical “I just shot your tank” style talk. However, many law enforcement agencies nationwide have reported that sexual predators are befriending kids online by joining these sessions and obtaining kid’s personal information during the games. Some kids who would never go near a stranger in a park tell everything about themselves to invisible criminals online without even thinking. As a parent, you need the ability to immediately and effectively block such lowlifes. Family Cyber Alert is the way to go.

The price of $19.95 to $69.95 per copy is quite reasonable especially considering that some parents spend hundreds of dollars a year on computer games and PC entertainment software for their children. Even if you don’t, you cannot put a price on your child’s safety. Family Cyber Alert works with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and Vista and the reports can be used as evidence should the need ever arise.

We hope the need never does arise, but unfortunately we live in a world of undesirable people who want to take advantage of our children. Predators hunt on all fronts. Let’s take cyberspace away from them

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