Lycoming County Library System touts CyberSetting’s centralized administration across multiple libraries in selection of new filter to comply with CIPA at all locations

Sewickley, PA - 09/15/04
- InfoWorks Technology, a leading innovator of online security/privacy protection software, today announced that the James V. Brown Library has switched from N2H2 to CyberSetting to extend their Internet filtering out to approximately 200 PCs across eleven locations within the Lycoming County Library System. Though the library already had N2H2’s server-based Internet filter solution in place to support its local PCs, that system could not meet the county library system’s needs for supporting all locations. With CIPA creating the need for filtering at all county libraries, their preference was to support this through one system, with a centralized administration capability.

Now they have accomplished this with one CyberSetting system installed at the main library location. “Libraries are interested in a solution that not only allows them to comply with CIPA requirements, but at the same time minimizes impact on staff and patrons. Therefore, a top priority is the ability to easily disable the filter where and when it’s necessary. Ease of system administration is also a critical attribute, as is reinforced with the system change for Lycoming County Library System,” stated Jesse Song of InfoWorks Technology. “To find a solution that effectively and affordably meets the needs of their environment is a challenge for libraries. CyberSetting is such a solution, which sets it apart from other filters available to the library market.”

Song explains, “Because CyberSetting was designed for the library environment, we built in only the functionality needed in libraries, leaving out other unnecessary features used in other environments. This creates a more affordable solution that helps libraries work within their budget constraints. It also simplifies the system installation and support, which appeals to the libraries with limited technical resources.”

About CyberSetting

CyberSetting, an Internet filter product developed specifically for libraries, is a standalone, plug & play filter appliance solution. CyberSetting’s filtering technology has been tuned to be consistent with the filtering guidelines laid out by CIPA and similar state regulations. It is customizable to best suit the local needs and filtering preferences of the library. The system is very easily installed and administered, with disabling capabilities designed to be very un-intrusive to the patrons and staff.

About InfoWorks Technology

InfoWorks Technology Company is a premier information technology solution company, serving libraries with automation software for more than a decade. Hundreds of public and academic library clients utilize InfoWorks’ Librarian's Toolbox solutions to automate and streamline operational processes for improved workflow and productivity. Software solutions include label design & printing, training, cataloging, OPAC management, Internet content management & filtering, and others.

InfoWorks Technology also provides Internet on-line security/privacy protection solutions for consumers and businesses. InfoWorks has thousands of Internet security customers, has been lauded for their products by technology media, has enterprise license agreements with Fortune 500 companies and its products are recommended by industry leading PC vendors' technical support to their customer base. InfoWorks Technology Company is based in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. More information on InfoWorks Technology and its industry leading products can be found at www.itcompany.com.

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