Unisys takes action to protect against spyware and enhance internal PC security

Sewickley, PA - 05/28/04
- InfoWorks Technology, a leading innovator of online security/privacy protection software, today announced that it has reached agreement with Unisys to provide its award winning SpyRemover Pro software for Unisys’ use enterprise-wide. Unisys plans to deploy InfoWork’s SpyRemover Pro software to protect itself from the many potentially destructive effects of spyware programs.

“As spyware programs become more prevalent and employees become increasingly active on the Internet, the potential impact to corporations can be very costly. It costs companies in a number of ways: One example is that potential PC performance degradation hurts employee productivity, ”said Jesse Song of InfoWorks Technologies. “Information theft and associated security of corporate information is another key concern that spyware creates. ”Adds Song, “Spyware is becoming more sophisticated in how it attaches to computers and in what it can subsequently do. It has developed from what initially was more of a nuisance problem into what is now a critical issue for business IT departments.”

About SpyRemover Pro

SpyRemover Pro detects and removes more than 14,000 intrusive devices such as spyware, adware, hijackers, keyloggers, Trojans, tracking devices, hacker tools and other spy devices on PCs. Spy Remover is powerful and easy to use, and its newly designed detection and removal engine improves on the thoroughness, accuracy, speed, and efficiency of detecting and removing spyware.

The concerns and need for support relative to spyware are advancing rapidly. Spyware programs run discreetly in the background without the PC users knowledge. They use up system resources and network bandwidth and potentially open up an unauthorized communications channel for external access to sensitive information. InfoWorks Technology Company has been providing award winning SpyRemover Pro, SpyStopper, History Sweeper and Popup Free software to both businesses and home PC users for a number of years. These products prevent and remove spyware, thereby protecting the integrity and general performance of PC users. .

About InfoWorks Technology

InfoWorks Technology Company is a leading innovator of online security & privacy protection solutions for consumers and businesses. InfoWorks has thousands of Internet security customers, has been lauded for their products by technology media, has enterprise license agreements with Fortune 500 companies and its products are recommended by tier one PC vendors’ technical support to their customer base.

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