Family Cyber Alert to be Made Available at Wal-Mart Stores across North America

Sewickley, PA - 04/30/08 - InfoWorks Technology, a leading innovator of online security and privacy protection solutions, is pleased to announce that its award-winning monitoring and filtering software, Family Cyber Alert, will be now available across North America at Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer. InfoWorks Technology launched its online sale of Family Cyber Alert in 2004 and it quickly became known as the premier solution for parents wanting an easy, comprehensive way to monitor their children’s online activity use.

As popularity of the product grew, it wasn’t long before Family Cyber Alert was awarded the highest 5-star rating in the monitoring software category, from editors of and CNET, followed by the onset of major retail channels such as Staples, Office Depot, and CompUSA offering the software in their stores across the country.

Now, consumers can also look to the retail giant, Wal-Mart, to find Family Cyber Alert. As Wal-Mart claims to offer the best quality merchandise at the lowest prices in all their stores, this is more good news for parents concerned about the growing problem of internet security and how to easily find and purchase a software solution for this concern.

“This is another important milestone for Family Cyber Alert,” says Jesse Song, President of InfoWorks. “We’re pleased that Wal-Mart will carry a product that has become a favorite among families. Online dangers continue to be a real threat to children and teens, and parents are looking for help from protection software. Family Cyber Alert, with its blocking as well as monitoring capability, helps parents to get involved in their children’s safety. Family Cyber Alert is affordable, easy to use, and now readily available at Wal-Mart.”

About Family Cyber Alert

Family Cyber Alert allows the parent to easily establish a level of online monitoring with which they are most comfortable, monitoring for safety while still providing for appropriate levels of privacy. Easy-to-understand online activity reports highlight general activity and identify those that may prompt closer inspection. Family Cyber Alert records and reports on websites visited, applications used, e-mail/chat/instant messaging communications, keystrokes, screen shots, including time and sequence of all activity. Parents can receive e-mail alerts when potentially unsafe online activities are identified, and then get more detail as needed. Additionally, websites and applications of concern can be blocked.

The free trial of Family Cyber Alert is available at It is also available for purchase at major retail outlets and online stores, including Staples, Office Depot, CompUSA, Micro Center, Fry’s, and

About InfoWorks Technology

InfoWorks Technology Company is a leading innovator of online security & privacy protection solutions for consumers and businesses. InfoWorks has thousands of Internet security customers, has been lauded for their products by technology media, has enterprise license agreements with Fortune 500 companies and its products are recommended by tier one PC vendors’ technical support to their customer base.

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