Sewickley, PA - 04/18/07
- InfoWorks Technology, a leading innovator of online security and privacy protection solutions for home and enterprise customers, announces that a recent survey reaffirms from parents the need for its popular online monitoring software, Family Cyber Alert.

The survey, conducted by Carnegie Mellon University and marketing research firm Campos Inc., confirms that parents overwhelmingly want to know more about their children’s Internet use. According to the survey, 97% of individuals interviewed “not only wanted to know more about cyber safety, but they wanted simpler tools to monitor their child’s online activities.”

The success of Family Cyber Alert, through its level of on-line and retail sales, is a clear indication of that need. An online monitoring solution specifically designed for parents and home use, Family Cyber Alert gives parents a tool for practical use as well as a means to foster open dialogue with their children about Internet safety. For example, the Carnegie Mellon study reports that “instant messaging and chat room activities were perceived to be among the most risky of cyber activities.” Family Cyber Alert allows parents to easily monitor those activities, with optional features for recording or blocking.

“Family Cyber Alert gives parents just what they are looking for to monitor their children’s online activities – it is easy to use and provides a foray into the cyber world that children often are more savvy using than their parents,” says Jesse Song, President of InfoWorks Technology Company.

While parents are increasingly concerned about Internet dangers, they admit to being largely unaware of where the risks lie. In fact, while more than 89 percent of children are social networking online, less than 34 percent of their parents are aware of these risky activities, according to a recent report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. And the Carnegie Mellon survey revealed that only 16.4 percent of parents reported that their children were engaging in social networking online.

“It’s not an option to eliminate Internet activity by our youth – academically and socially cyberspace is their future,” admits Song. “With Family Cyber Alert, parents can evaluate for themselves what is appropriate and/or safe for their children.”

About Family Cyber Alert

Family Cyber Alert allows the parent to easily establish a level of online monitoring with which they are most comfortable, monitoring for safety while still providing for appropriate levels of privacy. Easy-to-understand online activity reports highlight general activity and identify those that may prompt closer inspection. Family Cyber Alert records and reports on websites visited, applications used, e-mail/chat/instant messaging communications, keystrokes, screen shots, including time and sequence of all activity. Parents can receive e-mail alerts when potentially unsafe online activities are identified, and then get more detail as needed. Additionally, websites and applications of concern can be blocked.

The free trial of Family Cyber Alert is available at It is also available for purchase at major retail outlets and online stores, including Staples, Office Depot, CompUSA, Micro Center, Fry’s, and

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About the Survey

This survey was conducted by Carnegie Mellon University and marketing research firm Campos Inc. More information about this survey can be found here.

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