Sewickley, PA - 02/23/06
- InfoWorks Technology, today announced the release of a new version (v. 1.5) of its Family Cyber Alert online monitoring solution, enabling parents to even more thoroughly address safety concerns relative to children’s Internet activities. “Parents are becoming increasingly concerned with dangers associated with their children’s use of online communication tools such as e-mail, chat rooms and instant messaging. Also, there has been much recent news coverage regarding dangerous elements associated with online social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Xanga and others, addressing how children are very publicly posting very personal information that is so easily accessed by the many online predators” said Jesse Song, President of InfoWorks Technology.

NBC Dateline recently addressed these risks to our online youth in a three-part series “To Catch a Predator.” Numerous other media reports have sounded similar warnings to parents, including “Teens flock to MySpace: Parents worry that personal data will lure predators” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, McNulty, 1/15/2006)

Adds Song, “ As parents become more aware of these different online threats, they recognize that simply blocking websites is not proactive enough.” Internet safety experts agree that these dangers require more active parental involvement, urging closer monitoring of children’s online activity and their sharing of personal information. “The good news is that with our latest version of Cyber Alert, parents have a more comprehensive tool for proactively monitoring their children’s activities at sites such as, as well as chatroom, e-mail and instant messaging activity,” notes Song.

For example, with Family Cyber Alert, visits to MySpace can be monitored, along with associated screenshots and keystrokes, personal webpages and profiles, with option to have e-mail alerts sent when MySpace is visited or when personal information is being typed at PC. Alternatively, access to sites such as can be blocked.

About Family Cyber Alert

Family Cyber Alert allows the parent to easily establish a level of online monitoring with which they are most comfortable, monitoring for safety while still providing for appropriate levels of privacy. Easy-to-understand online activity reports highlight general activity and identify those that may prompt closer inspection. Cyber Alert records and reports on websites visited, applications used, e-mail/chat/instant messaging communications, keystrokes, screen shots, including time and sequence of all activity. Parents can receive e-mail alerts when potentially unsafe online activities are identified, and then get more detail as needed. Additionally, websites and applications of concern can be blocked.

The free trial of Family Cyber Alert is available at It is also available for purchase at major retail outlets and online stores, including Staples, Office Depot, CompUSA, Micro Center, Fry’s, and

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