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A comprehensive keylogger software, Family Cyber Alert is your choice for monitoring PC activities.

Family Cyber Alert is a comprehensive and feature-rich keylogger. With Family Cyber Alert, you will be able to see exactly what your kids have been doing online and offline. Family Cyber Alert will record everything your children do online. With Family Cyber Alert, you can capture every single keystroke with the exact time and date; review all chat and Instant messages; read every email; review every web site visited; monitor social websites; see every picture and file uploaded and posted; quickly find searches on Google, Yahoo, AOL and more search engines.  Family Cyber Alert received 5-star rating from CNET Editor.

Important Facts

An estimated fifty thousand sexual predators are online at any given time, very skilled at building trust.1

Online sexual predators often use a “grooming’ process to gain the trust of a child, develop an online sexual or non-sexual relationship and ultimately leading to an in-person meeting. For more information on about how online predators operate and what some indicators are that a child may be being “groomed”, click here…

  • 12% of children have learned that someone they were communicating with online was an adult pretending to be younger.2
  • One out of five children age 10-17 have received unwanted sexual solicitations online.4
  • Over 75% of these solicitations are not reported to their parents.4
  • 70% of reported unwanted sexual solicitations occurred on the youth’s home computer.4
  • 66% of reported sexual solicitations took place in chat rooms.6
  • 89% of teen unwanted online sexual solicitations received via chat room or instant messaging.6
  • 27% of online teens reported talking about sex online with someone they have never met in person.2
  • 33% online teen girls report being asked about sexual topics while online.2
  • 30% of online teens have talked about meeting someone they have only met through the Internet.2
  • 40% of teen respondents said they'd "potentially" meet in person someone they'd "met online"; 12% said they'd get their parents' permission.3
  • 42% online teens (ages 13-18) said they have posted information about themselves (personal profile) on the Internet so others can see it and contact them.2
  • 56% online teen girls reported having posted a personal profile on the Internet2
  • 24% of teens claim that their parents are never around when they're online; 6% of parents said they were never around when their kids were online.3
  • 71% of parents believe their children use the Net for research; 23% of teens say they research online.3


NetSafe – Internet Safety Group
2 Polly Klaas Foundation survey
3 NetAlert Online Safety Body
4 Youth Internet safety Survey – Crimes Against Children Research Center, University of New Hampshire
5 Federal Bureau of Investigation – www.FBI.gov website
6 Pew Study – JAMA 2001
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What can Family Cyber Alert help you to protect your family?

Family Cyber Alert provides powerful recording, blocking, and report tools with extreme ease of use. With Family Cyber Alert, you will be able to SEE EXACTLY what your kids have been doing online and offline. Family Cyber Alert will record everything your children do online, including 
Email Recording
Chat/Instant Messenger Recording
Website Recording
Application Recording
File Access Recording
Keystroke Recording
Screen Snapshot Recording
Time & Sequence Recording
                    - Plus -
Automatic Email Alert
Email/Chat/IM Blocking
Website Blocking and Danger Alert
Game/Application Danger Alert and Blocking
Automatic Keyword Detection and Danger Alert
Intelligent Reporting
                    - Plus -
All the functions work simultaneously, saving the data to a hidden location.
Works with Windows 7 and  Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista

Activity Reports and Alerts – Use the easy-to-understand activity reports to identify activity that may prompt closer inspection. Receive e-mail alerts when particular online activities are identified.

Monitor for Safety - Internet safety experts advocate monitoring children’s online activity and educating them on safe, responsible use as a more constructive approach than restricting Internet access.
  • Disconnecting children from the Internet will put them at great disadvantage, both academically and socially. The Internet is recognized to be a very valuable learning tool for kids, and is a core aspect of our culture.
  • Filtering provides a false sense of security. Filters do not effectively address the biggest online threats of online chat, instant messaging, and e-mail activity. Keeping the filtering database updated with all the new websites added daily is not practical. Their censorship may not be aligned with your values. Children find ways around the filters and then you are blind to their activity.

Maintain Trust and Privacy
- The flexibility in monitoring levels allows the parent to establish the mix of monitoring and privacy they are most comfortable with, an approach that fosters trust.

Easy-to-Use - Family Cyber Alert is very easy to use and adjust at any time, and provides reports that are easy to access and read. Installation is quick using the automated installation wizard.