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Family Cyber Alert

Windows 7 compatible

An All-In-One PC/Internet Activity Surveillance and Monitor. Stop Online Predators and Protect Your Family from Harm.


Family Cyber Alert Uninstall

If you are having any problems with running Family Cyber Alert, make sure you get the latest updates by going Tools->Live update in Family Cyber Alert. The update is free.

For uninstall instructions, go to Help->Online Help in Family Cyber Alert.

Make sure you shut down Family Cyber Alert first before you uninstall Family Cyber Alert. To shut it down, go to File->Exit->Exit Family Cyber Alert completely. Then follow the instructions in Online Help to uninstall it.

If you need help with uninstalling Family Cyber Alert, contact us at support@itcompany.com


Family Cyber Alert takes the uncertainty out of the question, "What's my kid been doing online?" This app does far more than record every keystroke made, and it does it well.

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  • ● One out of five children age 10-17 have received unwanted sexual solicitations online.
  • ● Over 75% of these solicitations are not reported to their parents.
  • ● An estimated fifty thousand sexual predators are online at any given time, very skilled at building trust.
  • ● The FBI recommends that you should monitor your child's access to all types of live electronic communications (i.e., chat rooms, instant messages, Internet Relay Chat, etc.), and monitor your child's e-mail. Computer-sex offenders almost always meet potential victims via chat rooms. After meeting a child on-line, they will continue to communicate electronically often via e-mail
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